The Sidekick Process

Our creative team creates, maintains, develops and changes brands. Brands that can handle a changing world in a changing world. Brands that exceed the high expectations of their audience and live up to their social responsibility. Brands that not only seem like they are moving with the times, but actually do so.

Measuring and optimizing

We are bombarded with enormous amounts of information so often and everywhere that we have gradually become almost immune to advertising messages. How does a brand stand out in a world that is flooded with advertising? No worries. Our team of creatives and technicians know exactly what is needed to convey your message.


You are your site and thats the first things a customers sees. Of course we judge a book by its cover. Your site is a very real extension of your brand and prospective customers will make judgments about your company according to it, consciously or subconsciously. If they get to your site and that same attention to detail, care for quality design and ease of use aren’t there, they’ll bounce. All your money spent on ads, WASTED! Poor development causes slow loading speed and can cause issues for your conversion rate.


Full website builds. We build WooCommerce websites that scale. Stand out with a professional website that’s purpose-built for your brand.

Subscription sites that capture recurring revenue, bookings websites that let customers book at their convenience, robust online marketplaces.

From simple code tweaks to full-scale customizations and everything in between, we can modify your site, extending WooCommerce your way.


Fortunately you are not alone. At Sidekick we have formed a diverse group of creative talents. 

Think of strategists and online marketers. Every day they work together to bring the best of both worlds together. 

After all, performance marketing is becoming more relevant. 


Shopify is one of the best platforms to grow your brand. Our Shopify teams focus on studying all of the unique complexities of the platform, 3rd party apps, and the ways in which to connect them all to grow. We also develop custom Shopify Apps and Shopify Themes. We focus on Shopify design and development cycles to increase performance and enhance user-experience at every touch-point. Let our experience in Shopify and digital marketing work for you.


The money is in the list.
Email marketing is making a comeback. Own your data and build good customer relationships.

More than 91% of the people open their email daily. A great opportunity to reach them and provide a solid, simple revenue stream for your company.

It doesn’t matter how big your list is right now, there is always room for growth and bring customers into your funnel.

We will look at your current set-up and give you feedback for quick-wins to make it very cost efficient.


Whether you need a one-time project or a long-term partnership with a development agency that can grow with you, we can provide all you need to power your online store.



Leave a message and we’ll contact you faster than you think.