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Fizzinity is a virtual game where people can be together during COVID-19. 

As a result of Fizzinity’s clever algorithm, each team creates its own unique experience. You get to know your colleagues, improve cooperation but most of all have fun!


For Fizzinity we have done the full webdesign roadmap. This includes starting with an interview, creating wireframes and finally designing each page.

Group 6528

STEP 1 Mid-fidelity Wireframe

During this step, we determine what kind of content will go on which pages. These sketches are the result of our first interview with our client.

A mid-fidelity wireframe is a type of wireframe that still avoids distractions such as images or typography, more detail is assigned to specific components, and features are clearly differentiated from each other. Varying text weights might also be used to separate headings and body content. Though still black and white, designers can use different shades of grey to communicate the visual prominence of individual elements.

Group 397

STEP 2 High-fidelity Wireframe

After the approval we’ve started to add more details to the design. These are some of the advantages of a high-fidelity wireframe:

  1. They show a lot more detail.
  2. They give a better taste of what real UI elements might look like.
  3. They make it easier to communicate functionality to developers (more on that later).
Group 6788

STEP 3 Designing

When we’re done with the high-fidelity design we have given the design color and more details. This design is the final 



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